• Culture of kitchen fires

    Culture of kitchen fires

    Home Recipes
  • Flavors & Smells

    Flavors & Smells

    A simple menu, suitable for all tastes
  • Home-made desserts

    Home-made desserts

    Made daily with love
  • Culture of kitchen fires
  • Flavors & Smells
  • Home-made desserts

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Home-made desserts made each day

  • Carrot Pie

    Our spectacular homemade carrot cake made with all the pampering
  • Mousse and mint sorbet

    Mousse and mint sorbet, a unique experience
  • Apple Pie

    Our apple pie, with delicious puff pastry and home-made cream
  • Lemon meringue pie

    Our lemon meringue cake, we assure you that the photo is 100% real, do we need to explain something else?

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About Us

La Rosa was born across the table, between friends, and for the simple pleasure of ‘home from home´.