The Why of our essence

Enjoy dinning, let you go by your senses …

Our essence

  • History


    Sit at the table with friends, talking, drinking some wine and being happy;

    those are one of the important moments in life and that´s how La Rosa was born; from the after eating with friends, for the simple pleasure of having them at Home. Since 2009 our search for quality, had made the prestige of this family business to grown, based on the culture of cooking fires and home-made recipes to bring to the table.

  • About Us

    About Us

    We dreamt a restaurant with its own style, warmth place with personal details; casual atmosphere, ideal for a fine dinning and had a good time.

    At La Rosa we give a simple and close treatment with attention to the details, a language of silences that gives the restaurant the perfect distance that must exist with the customers, inn order for them to wish to come back all over again.

  • Our Cuisine

    Our Cuisine

    Of Argentinean Essence, cultural fusion.

    Our porpoise it´s to restore the sense for food in a context of warmth and flavour, keeping the essence of simple with the product as the main character.

    Our steak courses respect a golden premise: diners have to wait for the steak and not the other way around, that´s who we guarantee the prefer point of cooking of each customer.

  • Our desserts

    Our desserts

    A sweet moment 100% home-made, as their used to be.
  • Events


    Tango nights, golf tournaments or shows at specific dates, will be a grateful occasion to visit us.
  • Awards


    We have received a few awards and congratulations, thanks to the quality of our products and the warmth of our service; such as Tripadvisor certificate of excellence since 2013 until today.

    Also the Marbella City Hall has recognise us for our labour towards the customers and the city; as well from prestigious gastronomical critics whom qualify our cuisine and service near outstandig.

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Tuesday to Sunday
from 19:00 to 23:00
Monday Closed

About Us

La Rosa was born across the table, between friends, and for the simple pleasure of ‘home from home´.